Monday, 3 November 2014

The Pretty Peony

I just love Peonies... I mean who wouldn't they're luscious and elegant with a hint of sex appeal to them. I would dare go on the record to say they are my favourite flowers of all time!

Peonies in Australia only bloom for a few short seasons (October- November) :( But!.... Being the lucky girl I am my amazing partner grabbed me a bunch today before they withered away.

Peonies in a simple white vase

Peonies with my giant vanilla candle 

There is no reason to let Peonies steal the show on their own. I like to place mine on my Vera Wang tray ( purchased by my partner's lovely mother) with a candle piece. To replicate my candle piece just head into Ikea grab a glass cylinder set, giant vanilla candles and pebbles from a bargain store!

Enjoy :)

xx Mel