Monday, 10 November 2014

A Dollar Bargain Jewellery Stand

I promised a jewellery stand when I wrote about the dollar bargain and now I am delivering!

When I first said I would turn the $1 vase into a jewellery stand I thought to myself... how on earth am I going to do that? .... I looked at my jewellery and sitting in the mass of tangled chains I spotted my gold leaf necklace and it hit me! Of course a Jewellery Tree! I wanted to go for a quirky yet whimsical look, something for all my delicate jewellery.

So here it is

What I used :

Willow Sticks stained dark (caution some willow do not bend)
Gold florist wire to wrap around
White natural stones on the bottom 
My $1 vase

All can be purchased at your local bargain store or florist supply shop.

My tree looks a little empty at the moment..I guess this is my excuse to get more jewellery :)


xx Mel.