Monday, 24 November 2014

My Perfect Cake Stand + A Bargain

Recently I have been craving chocolate cake and being just a tad impulsive I of course can't just go out and buy a slice like normal people would. I reach into my overstocked pantry, grab some ingredients and bake one.

I normally use my Nigella cake stand however while moving my cake stand with a giant chocolate cake on top I did a little wobble and almost lost the cake and the cake stand! This was when I realised it was probably time to invest in a cake stand that wouldn't smash into pieces if I dropped it.

Okay lets me honest here.. that's the dramatic story I spin to my partner .. in reality I was looking up cake stands came across this gorgeous bubble style cake stand and just had to have it.

Beautiful Nel Lusso Cake stand 

Treats to come to go on my new cake stand!

I also scored an amazing bargain that I wanted to share!
It's a Milk glass dish that I got for $4 !

Found this baby at a second hand shop stuffed in the corner of a shelf  with filled goodies

That was how I displayed my new milk glass bargain. How would you display yours?

xx Mel