Friday, 7 November 2014

A Dollar Bargain

Everybody loves a bargain, I know I do! Bargains have a miraculous way of waking me from the laziest of moods, just like how sleeping beauty awoke from her deep sleep with a kiss from the Prince. My Prince just so happens to be a bargain :)

So over the weekend I went bargain hunting and I found this little beauty!

How much did I get it for ?? ONE DOLLAR... yes one dollar! what does a dollar normally buy in this day and age? A packet of plastic forks from Target, a frozen coke from Hungry Jacks or small fries from McDonald's...Not much if you ask me!

Bubble Bargain Vase with my cook book collection

Bubble Vase

I am planning on turning this little beauty into a jewellery stand. Keep an eye on my next few blogs to see the results!

xx Mel.