Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Getaway

Happy New Year!!

I'm sure most of you are just starting to get back into the swing of work... I know I am. As I sit at my desk in my pretty cool nine to five job I can't help but think back on my little holiday over the Christmas and New Year break. I spent most of my first day at work day dreaming about being in the sun again, lazily floating along in the cool river, drink in hand, music and laughter echoing off the trees. It truly was the perfect definition of a holiday. Family, Friends, Food, Fun and Relaxation.

I thought I would share a little snippet of what I got up to this Holiday !

I watched an awesome fireplace being built 

The finish product. I cooked the PERFECT steak on the grill side

What a perfect view

I watched enemies become best friends. These two started off hating each other, not being able to be in the same room. After a few days together on our holiday they became inseparable. It was beautiful to see.  

Sampled some local wine 

Ate some delicious in house made Duck terrine <3 

For NYE we built an amazing bonfire 

And when the fire died down we cooked some Damper the cool way! Wrapped around a stick and then drizzled generously with golden syrup. 

I Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as I did ! <3

xx Mel