Thursday, 14 January 2016

Florence Broadhurst LOVE

I have always loved Florence Broadhurst designs, it embodies what I love in a look chinoiserie with a touch of Hampton's chic. The colours and patterns make her designs fit in perfectly anywhere.

For Christmas I received a gift that I didn't even know existed! something I didn't know I loved until I held it in my hands....

A Florence Broadhurst Dinner set!! The items are great quality bone china, they feel sturdy but light and the mug is my favourite part. the perfect size and look!

Here are some other Florence Broadhurst things that I absolutely love! And if I had the budget they would all live in my home with me!

I can imagine these cushions on a luscious bed in a seaside cottage

I can imagine this plate as part of a collection in a quirky New York style loft

I can imagine tending to a Garden with these in a beautiful ivy covered terrace 

Well ..... A girl can imagine .....


xx Mel