Sunday, 1 November 2015

Cool Off With Some Ice Tea

With the hot and humid weather I find myself craving a cool sweet drink constantly. While I find myself wanting to reach for a freezing cold soda I know.. my waist line will curse me later !

My cooling fruit infused ice teas will have you well quenched and totally satisfied without the nasties that come along with a sweet refreshing drink. 

I love to stock my pantry with various things that help me whip something up whenever I want. One of these things are flavoured teas , great for entertaining friends on a budget and on short notice, just add some slice up some fruit for presentation and flavour. 

Here it is: 

Got my Glass Jars for $2.50 each at a bargain store! Love it!

This is not advertising but I just love Dilmah flavoured teas, there's a large variety and the flavours are easy to work with!

What You Need:

- 3 flavoured tea bags per jar
- 1 1/2 table spoons of Stevia
- Fruits of your choice ( oranges, green apples, frozen raspberries, mint, frozen mango, passion fruit)
- Ice

What To Do:

1. Infuse 3 teabags in 2 cups of boiling water. 
2. Dissolve the Stevia in the boiling water
3. Once the Stevia is dissolved and the water is teabags have infused remove the teabags and add cold water
4. Pour the flavoured tea into the jars and fill to 3/4's of the way. 
5. Add the fruit sliced and chopped into the jars. 
6. Add the ice till the jar is full. 

* You don't want the tea too be too strong or sweet , it is meant to be a nice light refreshing drink. 


xx Mel.