Sunday, 7 February 2016

Cravings For Watermelon Cake

My sister at around 3 months pregnant sent me a photo of this beautiful cake, with layers of cream and hot pink, draped in glorious chunks of strawberries and grapes with a scattering of beautifully green slivered pistachios. Funnily whenever I am sent a photo I know what it means... it means Mel... you should make this? My first reaction upon hearing the name watermelon cake was one of confusion, I'd never had one before ... it was something I had heard about in passing but never had the pleasure of tasting.

After a few back and forth messages with my sister I read those words I had been expecting since I received the picture ' Mel.... you should make this for my baby shower'

Well sis if you are reading this THANK YOU ! I think I am in love with this cake.... I made a test one this weekend and now I feel everything should be soaked in rosewater, stuffed with cream and watermelon and draped with strawberries, grapes and pistachios !

Seeing as I had never ventured into the world of watermelon cakes before I decided to follow a recipe with a few small changes requested by my sister. I used the recipe by Gourmet Traveller

Here is how my watermelon cake turned out!

Click Here for the recipe :)

The only difference is where it tells you to add rosewater I only add a third of what the recipe says. I think too much rosewater overpowers all the other flavours.

Enjoy!! I know I did

xx Mel