Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Little Crushes

Just a few days ago my beautiful but clumsy Greyhound knocked over my Nigella Lawson Cake stand and broke it into bits. Needless to say my heart broke with that cake stand... Fast forwards to 10 minutes later and I was already furiously flicking through the internet trying to find myself a replacement. As a person with the attention span of a goldfish I of course lost track of what I was looking for and found some beautiful treasures that I one day hope to own in my humble little kitchen.

Here they are, bits and bobs that I have fallen in love with !

This Robert Gordon Pitcher is to die for! Imagine lush peonies, elegant hydrangeas or whimsical orchids sitting in this copper pitcher.  

Another Robert Gordon piece. I imagined myself wrapped in a chunky knitted beige throw while sipping on some hot cocoa on a rainy day

This tumbler is from Freedom and I just LOVE it. The gold just takes it to another level and I could see this fitting perfectly into a dinner party with some friends 

This tumbler is another piece from Freedom. There is something about the bubbles on the tumbler that I find so charming and cute. 

This Churchill rolling pin is the stuff of baking dreams... What a perfect way to turn a boring basic tool into something so beautiful you could proudly display. 

Now that I've shared my new loves you with all.. I have to say I did replace my Nigella cake stand  :) Duck egg blue <3


xx Mel