Sunday, 4 January 2015

Coffee Table Styling

Happy New Year ! :)

I wanted to start the new year with a post on my coffee table decor. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to coffee table decor, some people like the minimal (nothing on the table) look and some like me like their coffee table to be filled with beautiful things .

My home has a very neutral palette, It has a calming beach meets chic look. My rule is to keep my stable elements neutral (sofa, coffee table, pieces that will stay) and my decor fun and fresh .

I’ll show everyone in my next few photos how I change things up slightly to create a sense of freshness when I get bored with what’s on my coffee table which is an antique wooden  trunk I bought off someone online for a great price!).

Look 1. 
When I’m in the mood for colour... Fresh flowers are my go to instant pop of colour. I always go to a roadside truck down that road that sells flowers for a very low price. Fruits that last a while like Limes and lemons also add a great pop of colour just find a nice dish to put them in. I placed mine in the vintage milk glass dish that cost me $4 from a thrift store. Lastly… Candles! Candles are the go to decor piece for most people. And why not they smell great and they add an instant comforting feeling when you light them. I placed my candle in a tall clear cylinder with white pebbles. 

Look 2. 

When I only want a slight pop of colour I turn to a lot of silver and neutral pieces to help mellow out my coloured item. I used my new hedge hog that I got for Christmas. It is an interesting piece that adds a little funkiness and texture to my coffee table. I added some tall candles with a carved wooden dish for it's neutral colour. I also like to change my coasters to some silver ones I got for $6 from a market for the set. I also like to place things on my silver tray, it just makes things neater and ties my elements together.

Look 3.

When I’m out of flowers I use things like a small bowl of candy to add a hint of colour. Whether it be a small dish of pricey chocolates or a nice inexpensive alternative of coloured jellybeans; that way your guests will also have no issues to dig in and feel at home.  I also added a few more candles to warm up the space. 

Look 4. 

Lastly when I want everything to be a nice calming neutral. This is for when I feel cluttered and I just want something simple and elegant.. It happens every now and then...not often! :)

So there you go changing a few small things up can give a completely different vibe, The next time you feel bored with the look of your place change a few small things here and there and it will make a huge difference.

My next step is to find an old looking lime wash ladder for my stack of cook books currently next to my coffee table and in their place get an amazing ceramic Chinoiserie stool or Chinoiserie footstool .  

Here are some that I Love Love Love! 


xx Mel