Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Presents

Happy Holidays everyone!

It has been a year full of ups and downs, so Christmas was something I was definitely looking forward to! Now I would love to show you my Christmas haul!!

Just some of my favourite presents this year! note: The discontinued Starburst jellybeans my bf had shipped to AU!

My fab shiny hedgehog! (Morgan and Finch) - From my bf's mum

A Christmas scented Glasshouse candle- so pretty I will display it all year round! won this in a game of  secret Santa

A classic pair of studs! from my beautiful Sister! just what I needed!

And... what would Christmas be without some presents to myself!

A sexy Acrylic candy jar from Daiso ($2.80) I will be using this to hold cotton balls in the bathroom

Some small plate/bowls and wooden spoons from Daiso

I love the Asian blue on these bowls. Perfect for dips and condiments! Find these beauties in my future food posts!

Now of course Christmas is not just about presents. It is about spending time with your loved ones! I spent my Christmas at a farm with my bf and my family eating our days away!

What did you guys get or do for Christmas??


xx Mel