Sunday, 22 March 2015

DIY: Easter Eggs under $5

Easter is one of my favourite holidays mainly because for me Easter is a chocolate binge eating fest. Easter for some people also mean the hefty price tag on some chocolate delights. I however feel that we can enjoy Easter without having to break the bank.

Today I'm going to show you how to WOW your friends with these custom made Easter eggs. This is an amazing way to get your kids involved or provide yourself with a creative outlet. The cost is the best part... 10 solid eggs for around $28. If you want to make it a bit fancy , buy a cute Teacup to hold your Easter egg.

Custom Easter Egg in a Teacup (Victoria's Basement $3)

What you need:

- A selection of your favourite sweets (budget $5 and whatever is in your pantry)
- Candy Melts (your choice of colour $5 each online)
- Chocolate melting buttons ($4 per bag)
- Silicon Easter Egg moulds (around $4)
- Wide paint brushes

What to do :

Step by Step in Pictures

My selection : Chopped caramel cookies, jelly beans, salted peanuts, chopped jelly snakes, salted caramel (recipe from my edible gifts blog), chopped snickers, peanut butter and sprinkles

This selection is perfect for kids, for an adults version go for things like (Nuts, salted caramel, brittle, dried orange, coconut...)

The silicon egg mould (for easy release ) and paint brushes to paint the first layers on

2 candy melts (red and white) and dark chocolate for the filling (candy melts have a vanilla taste and hardens better than normal eating chocolate) - melt the candy melt and chocolate in 30 second intervals in the microwave mixing each time, max 1.5 min)

Painting the first layer (the layer you paint first is the one you will see on the outside)

The white candy melt layer (this makes up the "shell" of the chocolate egg)

Add your desired fillings ( my favourite is filling is peanuts salted caramel and peanut butter)

Ensure you put a lot of filling in , this will make it more exciting and decadent.

Now fill in the rest of the mould with chocolate. Then place the mould in the fridge to speed up the chocolate hardening process.  

Once the chocolate eggs have dried (approx. 1-2 hours in the fridge) unmould one half and stick to the other half with chocolate (allow it to set before you pull the whole egg out)

The chocolate egg is now ready for gifting... oh and of course you need to taste test them !!


xx Mel.