Sunday, 22 February 2015

Our New Member & Pretty up that Bag!

Hi Everyone,

Over the last two weeks I have been a little preoccupied.. there is no better way to let you know than to show you

Here you go!

Breed: Greyhound, Shelter: Greyhound Rescue

The goof ball loves to stick out his tongue!

Isn't he gorgeous ! His name is Jay Jay (previously Junior) and he is a gorgeous rescue! This wasn't always a happy story it started out sad when our previous dog tragically passed away from a freak accident last year. My Bf and I decided after a period of grieving that if we are going get another dog that we would give someone else a second chance and that was how we decided on a rescue. It wasn't easy moving past the accident but as cliché as this sounds when life kicks you down you are defined by not how hard you fall but how you get back up!
Needless to say this new big ball of goof has been bringing us a load of joy and today is the day we officially adopt him!
Now what kind of Mel blog would this be if I didn't try to beautify something!
I realised as a dog owner there are some fun things you get to do when you first get a dog. Picking out a pretty collar, dog tag, leash, bedding, dog bowls etc.... The one thing that I have found consistently bland and boring are the poop bag holders! they are always either a boring hard plastic or a plain zip bag.
I decided that if I am going to have a poop bag holder then I would do it my way!
So here it is! Made out of burlap with a hand painted design in the front, what a great way to glam up your leash!
I want to be able to do something nice for the Shelter we got Jay Jay from because they have put in an incredible amount of time , effort and love into helping us find the perfect hound!

I have decided to make these pretty poop bag holders to sell and 50% of the money made will go towards greyhound rescue.
For 3 months I will be selling these hand painted burlap baggies for $8 +delivery fee
Choose your colour of design (hot pink or teal)
size approx. ( 10cm x 8cm)
It will come with a little ring so you can attach it to your leash
At the end of the 3 months I will be making the donation to Greyhound rescue and emailing everyone with the receipt for proof of donation.
So hurry everyone! help out this amazing shelter that's making this world a better place, one greyhound at a time!
xx Mel